HOW IT WORKS: Build Your Own Ring

Start with a stone, pair the perfect setting, and select your metal.

  • 1. Find Your Dream Stone

    Hand-select the perfect stone from one of our categories of available diamonds + gems.

    We always have a unique selection of stones in stock, ranging from one of a kind unique stones to more traditional white sparkly ones.

    Stones range in color, size, cut, and quality, so you have the opportunity to select based on your personal preferences.

    Rustic Diamond, Spinel, Colored Diamond and Sapphire images are always the exact stone you'll recieve.

    Moissanites are stock photos unless noted otherwise. Because the quality, cut, and color of these manufactured stones are carefully controlled, they look virtually identical and are all high quality beautiful stones.

    Traditional white sparkly diamonds are a little different, and are selected individually to ensure top quality and that they meet your exact specifications and our standards.

    If you're after a stone you don't see (even if that's not a diamond), Katie is happy to work with you one-on-one to find the dream rock -- no matter what kind!

  • 2. Choose Your Setting

    Pair the perfect stone with any of our setting styles. We have a range of settings -- from traditional-ish to totally avant garde and nature-inspired.

    It's perfectly OK if you've fallen in love with a stone that is a different shape than the sample setting style. Since this ring will be made from scratch just for you, we will make any necessary modifications the ring requires so that it fits your stone perfectly. The ring will maintains the style of the setting you chose while also accomodating the exact size and shape of the stone you chose.

    You might have the option to have your stone set either vertically or horizontally (sometimes called east-to-west). If you've selected a stone that has this option, Katie will contact you to see which orientation you'd prefer.

    If you have something specific in mind that is not one of our signature styles, Katie also does custom design -- more info on that can be found on our Custom page.

  • 3. Select A Metal

    When choosing your setting, you'll need to also select your metal.

    Your ring can be fabricated in your choice of the following metals:

    14K Yellow Gold
    14K White Gold
    14K Rose Gold
    18K Yellow Gold

    Thing to consider:

    We don't typically work in 18K white beause it is visually identical to 14K, and 14K is more durable for lifetime wear.

    Very thin rings may not be available in 18K Yellow gold if we don't think the ring will be durable enough, as 18K is softer than 14K.

    When choosing between white gold and Platinum, you should consider the following:
    *Platinum is a slightly truer 'white' metal than 14K white, but weighs more and thus costs more.
    *Platinum does not contain nickel, so this makes it an ideal choice for those with nickel allergies.
    *Platinum's surface will show scratches or an overall matte surface finish faster than white gold. If maintaining a perfect polish is important, gold is the way to go.
    *Platinum adds an additional 1-2 weeks to the fabrication process.

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