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Katie has been instructing students in jewelry making, design, and silversmithing since 2009. Katie has both a Master's and bachelor's degree in jewelry + metalsmithing, and she's spent over 12 years working as a professional bench jeweler.

She's been teaching in and around the Greenville, South Carolina area since 2012.

Katie teaches a range of topics and experience levels from beginning to advanced, and from learning the very basics to specific, more advanced topics (including enameling for jewelry, stone setting, and lost wax casting, among others).

Katie also occasionally teaches invitational workshops outside of her own studio by request.

  • Make + Sip

    Katie has been teaching Make + Sip Classes in Greenville SC since 2012!

    These fun filled, action packed classes are a crash course in jewelry making -- perfect for the DIYer, a group of girlfriends, or your office group outing or teambuilding event! Class lengths vary from 3-5 hours depending on topic.

    entry level classes, these topics give a quick and dirty approach to learning new skills, and all attendees leave with wearable (or usable) jewelry or functional objects.

    *highly addictive (or so I'm told!)
    *perfect for groups of 5-12
    *birthdays, bachelorette, and teambuilding events
    best class for out-of-towners looking for things to do in Greenville, SC
    *many topics available - from rings and earrings to drink stirrers and cheese markers
    *pick your own topic + time available for private groups
    *appropriate for age 10+
    (adult co-classmate required for those under 16)

  • Group Classes

    For the serious or prospective hobbyist, these classes cover all the basics of Silversmithing.

    Beginner levels introduce fundamentals, while Intermediate classes are for those with prior experience.

    Beginner classes cover sawing, soldering, basic texturing, annealing, and basic forming.

    Intermediate courses vary and rotate different topics throughout the year.

    *All intermediate classes require at least one beginner level course as a pre-requisite.

    Have some experience but new to Katie's studio -- so you're not sure where you fit in? Email Katie to chat more about your personal situation.

  • Private Jewelry Making Lessons

    Learning what you want, one-on-one.

    Some private students come with prior experience or knowledge, and some have none. Either is perfectly fine!

    Topics are chosen based on your interests.

    A few of the most commonly requested classes are beginning jewelry making basics, various types of stone setting, enamelling, and lost wax casting.

    Private lessons start with a 'getting to know you' conversation to understand your needs/desires and experience and introduce you to Katie's instruction style, expectations, and studio.

    *Special rates are available for students who want to spend 15+ hours in private lessons.

Invitational Jewelry Instruction

Katie is available to teach workshops that align with her studio practice on invitation.

If you are interested in having Katie teach for your organization, contact the studio to discuss your needs, possible topics, and availability.

  • A few past workshops taught:

    Flush Setting Workshop

    Pocosin Arts, online course


    Central Peidmont Community College, Charlotte NC

    SC National Art Education Association Conference

    Summer Courses, Metals
    Substitute Teaching, Metals

    Fine Arts Center, Greenville SC

    Summer Course, Metals
    SC Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities, Greenville SC

    Greenville Center for Contemporary Arts, Greenville SC

    Various Topics from 2012-2018
    Tryon Arts and Crafts, Tryon NC

  • Past Institutions + Art Centers:

    Beginning Metals + 3D Design

    Arizona State University, Tempe AZ

    Beginning Metals + Advanced Topics in Jewelry
    Winthrop University, Rock Hill SC

    Beginning, Intermediate, + Advanced Topics
    Tryon Arts and Crafts, Tryon NC

    Teaching Assistant
    Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg TN


Katie's current Studio is located right off the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville, SC.
The studio is an industrial space that is approximately 3.5 miles from downtown Greenville / city center.

The Jewelry Studio is fully equipped -- with all the tools necessary for in-house lost wax casting and sheet metal fabrication to 3D printing, enamelling, and many other techniques.

Click for directions to the STUDIO!

A quick note for future bench jewelers...

I get a lot of requests from those looking to pursue jewelry making as a career. If that's you -- know that it's simply beyond the scope of what I can offer in my small studio. I simply do too many other things in the studio to provide that depth and breadth of specialized instruction. My classes, while technical, are more 'for fun' than to prepare for a career in the jewelry industry.

I have offered private lessons and/or monitored, instructional observation and troubleshooting to jewelers with some prior experience, but I am not able to offer comprehensive or long term instruction geared towards a career as a bench jeweler.

If this is you: I recommend looking into New Approach School for Jewelers in Tennessee.