Choosing a diamond should be exciting

NOT stressful.
Our approach to finding your dream diamond removes the overwhelm.

  • Sparkly Diamonds are Different.

    Traditional diamonds (regardless of whether they are earth-mined or lab grown) are hand-selected by Katie individually.

    While we always have a unique selection of non-diamond stones in stock, traditional white sparkly diamonds are not just 'ordered' based on specifications. The differences between diamonds can be extremely subtle and varied, and we will never select a diamond based on a lab report alone.

    Diamond beauty is determined by far more than a grading report, which is why it is crucial to have a trained eye. Katie will inspect every detail of a stone before presenting it to you for consideration.

  • Top Quality Diamonds

    As a general rule, Katie typically sources very high quality lab-graded VS or SI1 diamonds.

    From time to time a client has a priority for size, shape, and/or a specific color over other characteristics. In these circumstances, Katie can chat with you one on one about a modified approach to selecting the perfect diamond for you.

    For example:
    Her dream diamond
    has to have just the right champagne hue, and it must be a marquise cut -- two non-negotiable characteristics.

    In this instance, a modified approach might be necessary to find the perfect stone.

  • Individually Selected

    If you are looking for a traditional diamond, Katie will source one specifically for you based on what's important to you, your size specifications, and your individual budget.

    Katie will personally look through all of the available options and select a handful of the best stones for you to choose from. This can take several days to several weeks depending on the type and size of stone you're interested in.

    Once the first round of 'weeding out' is complete, Katie will share high resolution images and videos of the best diamond options with you and help you pick the perfect one.

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