We pride ourselves in the unique processes we use and individualized application of surfaces! Because of this, no two works are exactly alike.  Pieces may vary slightly in coloration and/or texture, and this is one of the things we think makes Katie Poterala Jewelry so special.

All natural stones present inherent natural features that are unique to that stone.  These features are proof of authenticity, and are not considered defects. Often times, they add character. Whether you are looking for something traditional and flawless or want something with maximum character, we can’t wait to help you find options to choose from, sourced to your specifications!  

Katie Poterala provides a one month warranty on every IN STOCK or MADE TO ORDER jewelry or object purchased from the designer.
This warranty covers rare defects in materials or workmanship, but it does not cover normal wear and tear, neglect, accidental damage, or abuse.  Returned items will be exchanged or repaired, depending on the nature of the piece and issue experienced. 
Custom Projects are warrantied for a year after completion for the same defects in materials and workmanship, and future repairs are handled on a case-by-case basis.  In the rare instance that something unfortunate happens to your Katie Poterala piece — we want to be your first call! We’re always happy to discuss your piece and want to help you fix anything unexpected, whether its your fault or not, so you can get back to enjoying it quickly.

Did he find the site, but buy you the wrong thing? It happens! Or did you decide on another color in the same style?
Items purchased as gifts can be exchanged within one month of purchase.  Exchanges may be traded for items of equal value, or used toward the purchase of higher priced or custom works.  
Gifted rings may be exchanged within one month of purchase as well, even if we sized them upon purchase for free! However, if exchanged for additional ring(s) in need of sizing, a small fee will be associated with sizing the new ring(s).

Because of the individualized nature of the works, custom pieces cannot be returned or exchanged.  Katie Poterala offers a one year warranty on custom projects.  This warranty covers manufacturers defects in metal or workmanship but it does not cover normal wear and tear, neglect or abuse.  It also does not cover damage to stones, as this is due exclusively to wear and tear, as the designer does not manufacture or alter the stone, but simply selects it for setting.   

Rings will be sized once, upon order, free of charge.  Additional changes in size will be assessed a small fabrication fee, and shipping, if applicable.
Custom rings are sized to fit upon order, free of charge.  Additional changes in size will be assessed a small fabrication fee, and shipping, if applicable.
Engagement rings can be sized one additional time free of charge within one year of project purchase date (or after the wedding band(s) are added), to ensure the perfect fit.  Shipping charges will be applied if not local.  
Disposable sizers are available, and we're happy to ship you one if you're interested in placing a custom order -- simply give us a call or drop us an email!  

Repairs are a normal part of the jewelry life cycle for all well-worn and adored pieces.  Repairs may be performed on Katie Poterala works, however we recommend the work be sent back to the designer, as the unique nature of the surface finishes and textures could be compromised by traditional repair and finishing methods.  We're happy to consult on repairs as well, for our far away customers, and help you determine what can be done locally, and how to find a reputable jeweler.   

Repairs are priced upon receipt, and vary depending on services needed.  Repairs start at $15. 


Ring sizing is recommended before the purchase of any ring to ensure a proper fit. We will gladly send you a plastic sizer to help you determine this from the comfort of your own home.   Simply give us a call or send us an email with your mailing address and we’ll drop one in the mail for you.  
All of Katie's sterling silver and gold rings can be sized.

Check out our entire information page to learn more about WHY ethical materials are so important, as well as our approach to sourcing.