Katie Poterala currently lives and maintains a studio in her charming native home, Greenville, South Carolina, where she is surrounded by the influential textures, colors, places and adventures of her childhood.  

Her infatuation with meaning, value and history is a driving force in how she views the world and influences why and how she creates.  Jewelry was always an object of fascination, even at a young age, and continues to be a dynamic inspiration in Katie’s collections.  Her ongoing observations of the physical world surrounding her influence both her experience and her designs.

Through her jewelry, Katie seeks to translate some of the beauty and truth she’s discovered in nature and observation.  Her work implies a sense of history, and is sensitive to the delicate relationship between beauty and decay, as well as our relationships to precious objects.  She combines the opulence of faceted stones and gold with provocative surfaces, colors, and textures that mimic the spontaneity found in natural growth and oxidation processes.   A focus of her work is the reinterpretation of the jewel -- often by removing it, replacing it , or otherwise reincorporating or setting it in unexpected and captivating ways.    The work blends the precious and non-precious with a feeling of authenticity. 

Katie's pieces circumvent the status quo, demonstrating that jewelry and objects can be more than just commodities: they offer intimate, tactile, visceral experiences. They transcend the fast-paced, disposable world we live in and offer a place of quiet contemplation—a much needed escape from reality.


All of Katie's works are created entirely by her,  
entirely by hand in her Greenville, SC studio.  


Katie received an MFA from Arizona State University after earning her BFA from Winthrop University.  In addition to her studio work, teaching is a strong part of her artistic practice.  She has taught metalsmithing and three dimensional designat all levels, from elementary through University and adult classes.  She is an active member and volunteer within her field, and currently acts as Volunteer Coordinator for the Society of North American Goldsmiths.

Katie’s work has been shown internationally.  She has participated in numerous juried and invitational exhibitions.  Most recent venues include the Racine Art Museum, Velvet Da Vinci Gallery,  J Cotter Gallery, Mesa Arts Center, and the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Museum. She has been the recipient of numerous awards and is represented by galleries and shops throughout the country.  Her work was recently published in American Craft Magazine, as well as in the Lark books Showcase: 500 Rings and Showcase: 500 Art Necklaces.